Automobile and motorbike spare parts

Automobile and motorbike spare parts are necessary components in assembly, although they are very small details but are very important, playing the role of connecting and linking the blocks together. Currently, the assembly industry is developing very strongly because the demand for people's lives is increasingly promoted. Cars and motorbikes are the two main means of transportation in Vietnam's traffic system. Developing the automobile and motorbike manufacturing industry is always a necessary industry for us to promote and improve the quality of life for people.

Hand tools

Hand tools not only support mechanical and manufacturing work but also help make repairs in our daily activities and lives more convenient. Hand tools have a simple design but are very useful and basically almost anyone needs to have these tools in their hand tool kit.

EMTC produces hand mechanical tools including: Pliers, Hammers, Axes, Spanners, Cutting Tools, Screwdrivers... And other sets of mechanical tools, metallic tools, highly portable electrical equipment other level.

BBQ tools and grill

The BBQ grilling tool set is a multi-functional, luxurious product set with a simple, elegant design, very suitable for organizing outdoor family BBQ parties or camping trips and picnics.

BBQ grilling sets can also make impressive gifts for housewarming occasions or for families and young people who like outdoor BBQ activities.

The BBQ grill is designed with enough tools to handle any BBQ menu, from bacon, sausages, ribs, beef, grilled chicken, grilled fish, corn, grilled vegetables and many others.

Made of high quality stainless steel, sturdy, durable and easy to clean.


EMTC Specializes in Construction and Installation of Elevators of All Kinds with Low Cost and Outstanding Quality. Quality and Reputable Imported Elevators, Stable Operation. Free Consultation.

Wind power components

EMTC is a manufacturing contractor with a lot of experience in specialized clean rooms in the field of electronic components, electrical components...


EMTC's factories have produced over 300 different types of products such as motorcycle starters, brake levers, all kinds of bearings, all kinds of axles, batteries, ...