Hand tools

Hand tools not only support mechanical and manufacturing work but also help make repairs in our daily activities and lives more convenient. Hand tools have a simple design but are very useful and basically almost anyone needs to have these tools in their hand tool kit.

EMTC produces hand mechanical tools including: Pliers, Hammers, Axes, Spanners, Cutting Tools, Screwdrivers... And other sets of mechanical tools, metallic tools, highly portable electrical equipment other level.

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6-inch High Leverage Long Nose Pliers
6-inch Diagonal Pliers
24-inch Steel Pipe Wrench
18-inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench
14B Steel Pipe Wrench
14-inch Steel Pipe Wrench
14-inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench
12-inch Groove Joint Pliers (1)
12-inch Groove Joint Pliers
10-inch Groove Joint Pliers (1)
10-inch Groove Joint Pliers
10-inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench