On the morning of April 16, at Area D Football Stadium, Geleximco Le Trong Tan Urban Area, Duong Noi, Ha Dong, the opening ceremony of the CIA Championship football tournament took place with the participation of a large number of delegates and football teams participating in the tournament. fight.

CIA Championship is a football tournament organized to create a playground for exchanges between design consulting units and businesses in the Architecture - Construction - Interior industry. This tournament provides an opportunity for businesses and industry experts to participate, share experiences and build relationships.


The opening ceremony of the 2023 CIA Championship football tournament was attended by representatives of sponsoring units and companion units.


Hundreds of players and fans participated in the tournament



Continuing with the success of previous seasons, this year the organizers of the CIA Championship Architecture - Construction - Interior football tournament - 2023 have issued the message "WIN WITH YOU", the organizers hope this is not just a slogan. brand that will be the soul of the tournament. Mr. Pham Minh Phong (Deputy Organizing Committee) expressed: "When broadcasting the message of the tournament, the Organizing Committee hopes that everyone will be aware of cancer and increase early detection. At the same time, you can accompany children with cancer, helping them physically and mentally. Help children overcome current difficulties and have faith in overcoming illness, instilling in them the belief of victory."

For iTEK ELEVATOR, this is not only an opportunity to build relationships with businesses and experts, but also a way to demonstrate our dedication and social responsibility to the community.